HPT continues its leadership role in this important market segment by getting our HRM™ energy recovery line certified in accordance with the standard, AHRI 1060 Air-to-Air Energy Recovery. In doing so, we have become the first and only manufacturer in the US to be certified.

AHRI standard 1060 air-to-air energy recovery standard is recognized and respected by design engineers, owners and manufacturers alike. It demonstrates that claims by manufacturers have been independently verified. Certified products carry an AHRI sticker confirming compliance.

Why is AHRI Certification Important:

Manufacturers can claim all they want about their performance, and their claims may be valid, but their testing conditions, procedures and measurements may not have been carried out under the same operating conditions as the test process.
Design engineers, managers and owners can be assured that the products they are designing or receiving, will do what the manufacturers say they will do. Moreover, true comparisons between manufacturers can be made because all were tested to the same standard and conditions.

Third Party Tests

In response to market requests, HPT set up  a test with Intertek (The AHRI test agency in North America), to validate our own laboratory test results for the SMART Water-Glycol system.

We are happy to announce that the results were in line with our published data. Intertek report shows 50.4% effectiveness at 6 rows and 500 fpm air velocity, and goes up to 56.28% at 300 fpm.

To view the full test report, please click the link below

Intertek Performance Evaluation of Heat Pipe Technology’s SMART Water-Glycol Pump System

AHRI Certified Products

  • Third party tested and verified
  • Allows for performance comparisons between manufacturers
  • Designers, manufacturers and owners are assured of product performance
  • Help meet local and national codes
  • Products are continuously tested to ensure compliance

Click Below for Sample Reports:


AHRI Directory of Certified Products Performance

HPT Approvals

HPT products are ETL listed to UL standard 207 and CSA C22.2#140.3 with unique control number (5010058)